About 170 years of professional experience

OPPERMANN Webbing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is the first wholly owned subsidiary of E. Oppermann in Germany.

1848, in a small village in northern Germany, Eduard Oppermann, a young German, began weaving webbings for the furniture industry on wooden looms, in his home town of Einbeck. Some forty years later, with the introduction of steam power, he changed the production method from a craft to an industrial process. His factory benefited greatly from this change and grew rapidly. A 170 years have passed since the introduction of the initial piece of webbing, and Eduard's descendants are still weaving webbing to this day. The scale of current production and the type of highly technical equipment now being used, would probably be beyond his imagination. Today, Oppermann has production and sales facilities not just in Europe, but also in Asia and America. As the world's famous industrial webbing manufacturer, Oppermann produces over 600 million meters annually. Oppermann is constantly striving to utilize the latest high tech fibers, the most advanced weaving techniques and the latest dyeing technology in its manufacturing process. Oppermann's products include tie down webbing, lifting sling webbing, safety harness and seat belt webbing, static conductive webbing, military webbings and child restraint webbing, and are widely used in the industrial, personal safety, aviation, military, and surface, ocean transportation industries.

For Oppermann, the 170 years of professional experience does not just reflect a piece of interesting history or the making of a German industrial legend, but also the challenges and accomplishments of the individuals of the Oppermann family, and their persistent efforts to provide their customers with good webbing in the world.

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